This is a job for... the Wonder Pets!

Just how unutterably dopey is this?

The kids and I are huge fans of a new(ish) series that's been running on Treehouse TV for the last few months. The Wonder Pets - it's a Nick Jr. show, imported from the U.S. featuring (stick with me here) three animated animals - a duckling (Ming Ming), a Turtle (Tuck), and a guinea pig (Linny).

Each episode features the intrepid trio of animal heroes, displaying great teamwork to rescue baby animals in trouble. The real hook of the program, though, is that it's staged as operetta. Trust me on this, it's awesome.

So a few minutes ago, we went to the Nick Jr. site, to see what online goodies might lie in store for these three young (and one not so young) fans of the show.

Here's what you get:

I know my machine meets and easily exceeds all of those minimum requirements. I've checked.

So I'm left to conclude that it's the first of those restrictions that's tripping me up. My kids and I can't enjoy Wonder Pets video snippets online due to an accident of geography.

Ah yes, the World Wide Web.

The even more bizarre thing is that we can play the online Wonder Pets game on the Nick Jr. site. Some online content can cross the border, some hits its head on the mighty cluewall stretching the length of the 49th parallel.