The sell out beginneth

As mentioned a few days ago, my lefthand sidebar does now include my first ever blog-based advertisement.

It'll be interesting to see how this experiment runs. I like the idea that forces within CNW Group are working to drag the wire services into the 21st Century.

Somewhere -- in between the work going on to develop and promote standards for social media releases, and the efforts being made by certain very high-profile bloggers to push the disclosure envelope -- somewhere, there's a place of huge opportunity and enduring relevance for the age-old newswire services.

Carrying a CNW Group ad on my blog, and helping to sell the idea to a passel of other bloggers, is a small step, I know. But I'm taking it as a positive sign of an old-school media services organization working very hard to get with the program.

Incidentally, in the interests of full disclosure (and in order to showcase my own hypocrisy before someone else beats me to it) I should probably draw attention to a certain lengthy rant from a few years ago.

The CNW Group ad in my sidebar is being served by online advertising giant Doubleclick. I really laid into them and their former CEO's thinking on what was the state-of-the-art in online ads way back then in 2001.

My mind hasn't really changed, by the way - that old rant was kicked off by Doubleclick's suggestion that there needed to be more online advertising and that it should be more intrusive. I'm no more a fan of intrusive anything than I was back then.

So - no reflection at all on CNW Group, on this experimental campaign, or on the creative agency who designed this exercise. Doubleclick is merely infrastructure here. But if you think I'm being a complete casuist, I'm sure you'll let me know. I like my little ad anyway, so nyeh.