One Tag to Rule Them All

If you're anything like me, and have that early-adopter recessive geek gene, the chances are you have accounts with a whole bunch of different social bookmarking sites. Keeping all of your various accounts straight, and juggling the overlapping feature sets of all these different services can be a real pain.

Never fear: OnlyWire is here. OnlyWire might just be the only social bookmarking tool you'll ever need.

What these splendid geniuses have done is to figure out how to write a bookmark link to just about all of the many social bookmarking sites out there, including: Backflip , Blinklist, Blogmemes, del.icio.us, Furl, Jots, Linkroll, Looklater, Magnolia, Maple , Markaboo, Rawsugar, Shadows, Simpy, Spurl, and Wink.

Outstanding. Perhaps this will inspire my colleague Chris Clarke to clean up the amazing social bookmark chiclet parade at the foot of each post on his blog :-)

Incidentally, I stumbled onto OnlyWire as I was browsing an amazing new catalogue of Web 2.0 apps that the wonderful people at Tucows have created. Nice.

Only one request, guys - could we have an RSS feed with the full description of each app you link to? Either that, or write better short-form descriptions of each product. The truncated product blurbs in the current feed are pretty useless.

Still - excellent list, and a very useful new service. Thanks.