In the Sea of Stories

Via a post at Brent Ashley's place, I just came across this terrific, thoughtful discussion of "the power, and weakness, of stories" on Dave Pollard's blog.

I'm fascinated by stories and storytelling in a business context. In media training exercises, I've often spent time trying to get clients to find the stories that best illustrate the points they're trying to get across. Forget about hammering home the dry, scripted message: tell the story.

On my Hugh McLeod "blogcards", I even chose to describe what I do as "Storyteller" (the cards also include the words "Strategist" and "Bullet Catcher". They don't include the words "Pompous Git", which was, in hindsight, a mistake).

Anyway, Dave gives good blog - you should subscribe. Some excellent nuggets in the comments thread there too.

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