Er... yes. Actually you did.

Scripted sound bites and carefully-crafted messages can be tricksy things.

In the mouth of an accomplished spokesperson, the well-polished phrase can be a potent, resonant thing.

Used ineptly, it's all too easy for those sparkling sound bites to backfire.

The Toronto Star has a brief report this morning on yesterday's visit of U.S. Ambassador David Wilkins to Quebec.

Speaking to the Montreal Council on Foreign Relations, Wilkins was pressed to respond to a recent EKOS poll, which suggested President Bush represents almost as great a threat to world peace as Osama Bin Laden, Iran and North Korea.

Reaching into his handy bag of officially-sanctioned bon mots, Wilkins commented:

"To be open and candid with you, I must say that I find that personally offensive... I think it's important for all of us to remember that our president and our country did not start the war on terror," (my emphasis).

Um... shurely shome mishtake.