Canadian Institute - New Media for Communications Conference

I'm heading off shortly to the stylish Pantages Suites Hotel to catch the back end of day one of the New Media for Communications conference.

I feel a little miffed about having missed my esteemed co-chair, David Jones, doing his opening spiel this morning, and I've already missed some other no-doubt excellent sessions, including the beautifully shiny Mitch Joel giving one of his stirring, inspirational presentation. Client work and proposal writing took priority this morning. Sorry about that, chaps - but I'm sure you would have made the same judgement call.

Looks like I will at least get to see the boss do his thing this afternoon, and I'm looking forward to seeing my old friend John Perenack who's giving a session on "Blog Frenzy: Reacting to Crises in Blog Time".

I'm hoping I'll get to hang around long enough to listen to Andrew Goodman's session on Search Engine Optimization too - it's a topic that comes up in client discussion all the time, and one I still don't know enough about. It used to be that I could just go to Janet for counsel on this stuff, but it's not so easy when we're both at different companies.

OK, that's quite enough fluffy-bunny, echo chamber, blog love linkiness for one day. Tomorrow is my day as co-chair of the conference, and I still have a couple of thoughts I want to add to my presentation. Hope to see you there.