2006 Canadian Blog Awards - Through to Round Two

Canadian Blog Awards

Crikey. I'm almost inappropriately excited. Somehow, I've managed to scrape through to the final round of the Canadian Blog Awards.

With the results of the first round of voting in, Uninstalled currently sits in third place in the "Best Business Blog" category, alongside some pretty terrific company.

Also through to the finalist's list are:

Kate Trgovac: My name is Kate

Barry Welford: The Other Bloke's Blog

Industrial Brand Creative Inc.'s gropup blog: We're Not Wired Right

"Van Housing Blogger": Vancouver Housing Market Blog

t's awfully nice to be a finalist, but if Van continues his run to date, I don't think we're going to be seeing an especially close race for the finish. His blog scored 59% of all votes in Round One, putting him way the heck out in front of every other blog in the list. In fact, he received more than ten times as many votes as did Kate's blog in second place. Yikes.

Thanks once again to Sheena, btw, for the original nomination and for tipping me off about my slot on the leader board. Sheena's blog has made it into the final round in the "Best Personal Blog" category.

Second Round voting opens this Saturday, November 25th. Go Sheena!

A less self-obsessed post will follow in due course. Forgive me while I bask in the pale, dim warmth of perceived semi-celebrity for a moment or two...