Vote for me!

Crikey! This is a bit of a turn up. I've just learned that this 'ere blog has been nominated as one of the candidates for "Best Business Blog" in the 2006 Canadian Blog Awards. W00t!

I find myself in some pretty impressive company, alongside some excellent blogs such as A Canadian Econoview, Canadian Entrepreneur, Jim Estill's CEO Blog, Bruce McCoubrey's Market Insight, Kate Trgovac's My Name Is Kate, Thomas Purves, The Vancouver Housing Market Blog, and Stephen Gordon's Worthwhile Canadian Initiative.

Mind you, if voting turns out to be a sheer numbers game, it looks like it will be hard for anyone to beat Barry Welford, who has managed to get no less than three of his blogs nominated in the same category: BPWrap, StayGoLinks, and his The Other Bloke's Blog.

I have no idea who might have nominated me, but thank you very much. I'm tickled.

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