Charlie's Jaguarundi

It's been a while - far too long, in fact - since we updated Charlie's blog. He was only 6.5 when we last put one of his stories up there. He's nine now, and his writing just keeps getting better and better. I'm going to get some of then newer ones up there soon, but in the meantime I just couldn't wait to share this little limerick.

Background: for a school project, Charlie has had to choose and research an endangered animal. He has to do a diorama and a little booklet about the beast of his choice. He picked the Jaguarundi - which I'll confess I'd never even heard of until a couple of weeks ago.

In addition to the great little booklet he's producing, Charlie also came out with this (he'll kick me when he learns I've posted this, but I simply couldn't resist):

There once was a Jaguarundi,
Who only went hunting on Monday.
'Cause he couldn't hunt well,
His prey never fell,
So he ate leftovers all week until Sunday.

Tee heee. There's a terrific drawing to go with it, which I'll scan and post if I have the time.