Unidirectional plurality

It's entirely possible - normal, even - to read more than one book at the same time. My Dad's done this for years. I do it. Charlie, God bless him, who's still only 9 years old, typically has four or five books on the go at once.

It's not possible - for me, at least - to write more than one blog post at the same time.

There's a post half-written, sitting in the drafts folder, nagging at me to be finished. I was in the middle of writing it yesterday morning when I got Amanda's email about the death of Strumpette. By the time I'd posted a quick note about that news, I had to dive in to some work-type work, and now I can't finish the first post I'd started, dammit. I've lost the plot. Quite literally.

Stop sniggering.