Totally Tolkien Real Estate

For those of you who've already collected mint first editions of the books, got the special edition boxed set of the DVDs, got your Gandalf cloak hanging in the wardrobe, your replica Sting or Glamdring mounted on the wall, and (but of course) the 18ct gold limited edition officially licensed One Ring on a chain around your neck, perhaps you'd be interested in a little real estate deal to help you complete your obsession.

The Shire, a new subdivision currently being developed in Bend, Oregon, is a gated community of really rather appealing homes directly inspired by the works of Tolkein - complete with goofy little "Hobbit dwellings" for your small folk to play in.

What a complete hoot. It's curiously encouraging to find people pouring money into something so utterly, utterly mental.

Thanks to Chasing Daisy for the link.