PhoneCon 2.0 Fall

Where one door closes, another always opens...

Stepping into the void just created by the estimable Esther's decision to call it quits with PC Forum (after twenty-five stellar years), comes the latest and soon-to-be greatest new event on the ...um... horizon: PhoneCon 2.0 Fall

After quite literally minutes of intensive event planning, logistics, schedule-juggling, and cycling lessons, the lead instigator and conference chair, Jeneane Sessum, has pulled together an unprecedented meeting of mindless.

Starting tomorrow morning (08:30 eastern time) at a phone or Skype headset near you, up to 96 members of that completely non-elite, not-even-remotely-shadowy group who make up the intriguingly nutty marzipan layer just below the sticky, scarily white icing on the top of the Web 2.0 cake, will gather together to work through the following packed and stimulating agenda:

08:30 Introductions.
Later: Conclusions.


I'm exhausted already just thinking about it.

See: Jeneane and a number of like-minded geniuses (hmmm... can/should geniuses ever really be described as "like-minded"?) figured out that this freeconferencecall.com thingy lets you pull together calls for up to 96 people, of up to six hours long - and they'll even record the call for you, so you can archive it, transcribe it, podcast it, whatever.

Naturally, presented with such an opportunity, how could anyone not want to organize an insta-conference?

This could be big. It could be completely bonkers. It could be ...anything we want it to be.

"And gentlemen in England, now a-bed
Shall think themselves accursed they were not here,"

...although there's really no need for them to. With a Skype account, and those awfully nice chaps offering free calls to any number in the US or Canada until the end of the year, you can probably even get into PhoneCon from the rest of the known universe without paying a cent, penny, pfennig, franc, schilling, whatever.

The details:

1. Charge your battery
2. Dial in after 8:30 a.m. and before 2:30 p.m eastern time.

+1 (605) 772-3200
Participant Access Code: 619136#

3. See what happens.

Be there, or be a cotton bud.

BTW - in case you think I'm just babbling like a loon here - this thing really is happening. As Macheath would say: think about it. Why wouldn't you want to dial into a call where you might get to listen to Chris Locke, Frank Paynter, Stavros the Wonderchicken, Jory Des Jardins, Halley Suitt, Stowe Boyd, and a host of others going off on one for no other reason than that we can? Who knows - maybe even Esther will pop in.

(Bonus commemorative unlimited edition PhoneCon 2.0 plaque to anyone who joins the call and can explain why "Be there, or be a cotton bud" is not actually quite so stupid as it sounds...)