Flack Events Schedule

With the weather starting to cool, the conference, tradeshow, and general schmoozing season is warming up again. Looking ahead into my calendar, I've already got three
key events locked in for the coming months. Quick plug for those here:

1. New Media for Communications: November 27-30, Toronto

This is the first of two Canadian Institute gigs I'm involved in this year. I co-chaired their "Leveraging Blogs for Corporate Communications" event last December, and - I guess - managed not to make a complete pratt of myself, as they've asked me back.

This year, I'm co-chairing with the almost criminally charming David Jones, late of Thornley Fallis, now installed at Fleishman-Hillard. Should be a hoot.

2. Media Relations West: December 6-7, Calgary

Trust me: I did not have sexual relations with that Canadian Institute. And yet they've seen fit to invite me to another of their gigs - this time to speak on the topic of "Building a Media Relations-savvy Website: Best Practices and Procedures".

Calgary in December. Yippee!

3. First up, before either of these more formal affairs, is a local event that promises to be the inaugural schmoozefest of the year for the Toronto flack-o-sphere.

Again, thanks to the tireless efforts of David Jones, his erstwhile confreres at Thornley Fallis (Terry Fallis, Joe Thornley, and Chris Clarke), aided and abetted by Fleishman's Ed Lee - the Third Tuesday Social Media and PR Meetup launches in Toronto on September 26 at 6:00PM.

They've got 43 eager flacks (including me) signed up already, and the brilliant and hilarious Shel Israel popping in for a pint. Marvelous. Had the pleasure of running a webinar with Shel a few months ago. I'm not sure how much value the audience got out of it, but the two of use were having a bloody great time, cracking each other up on the phone.

If you're coming to one or other of these events, come and say hello. If you're not already signed up - what the hell are you waiting for?