Charley says...

No, not our Charlie - the cartoon cat Charley, from the British government's brilliant public information films of the 60s and 70s. Remember him?

I'd forgotten just how splendid these little cautionary tales were - they're seared into the collective consciousness of generations of TV watchers in the UK. Just the phrase "Charley says" can still raise a nodding chortle on the phone with Mum.

Hat tip to Mark and April at 2plus2is4 for the pointer to this wonderful collection of classic clips from the UK National Archives.

A bunch of the "Charley says" films are there, plus "Joe & Petunia" ("that's what they call 'em, you know - sailing dingeys"), Dave Prowse's "Green Cross Code Man" (yes, that Dave Prowse), and even Jimmy Hill giving it loads in: "Think once. Think twice. Think BIKE".

I even found out that Charley was voiced (miaowed?) by the late Kenny Everett. Crikey.