Take it with a pinch of salt...

...or perhaps an entire salt mine.

I'm tickled and simultaneously flattered to note that this blog has just been ranked at Number 4 in the list of "Top 10 CMO Blogs" put up by the MarketingProfs site.

Thanks guys!

Of course, it would be totally out of character for me to accept this completely at face value. To be honest, it's kind of hard to read it without blowing hot coffee out through my nose - but I don't want to be ungracious. It's just, well... I mean it's hardly scientific, is it?

I'm not even a CMO, for starters - although I've been one in the past, so I suppose it's kind of fair. And at least half of the other people on the list are not really CMOs either - not that we're really complaining or anything.

Candidly, I think the only reason I made it onto this list at all is a simple function of my blog being so old (relatively speaking). I have a pretty good Technorati rank, compared to the other big CMO blogs on the list, mainly just because I've been doing this thing since early 2001. Just goes to show what you get if you stick at something long enough.

Either way, thanks again Marketing Profs - my Mum will be very happy :-)

[EDIT]: Feeling a little guilty now, watching the traffic spike up with all the new visitors coming in from Marketing Profs.

I feel I ought to be churning out all sorts of juicy and salient nuggets of CMO wisdom to offer up to you all. Um... no, sorry - I'm fresh out.

Afraid I've got a ton of real work to do, so you'll just have to content yourself with the motley selection of random dronings below.

If you're really determined to find something actually about the world of marketing, here's a couple of older pieces that might merit a quick read:

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