Overdue linkage

There's a couple of worthy blogs I've been meaning to point to for a while.

First up is my cousin, Adam Maguire's blog. Adam's a great up-and-coming freelance journalist in Dublin. He's been blogging for over a year now, and I keep meaning to point to some of his stuff, but, well --->insert typical lame excuse/Weinberger Waiver here<---. He's a smart bloke and a thoroughly decent guy to be able to count as a family member. Well worth a read.

Also, a handful of months ago I offered a few scraps of advice to my friend Norman Wilner (formerly of the Toronto Star's Starweek DVD reviews column), as he set about getting his first blog up and running. Norman's an absolute natural. Terrific, funny writer - and a one-man IMDB. Can't wait to read Norman's review of Chris Locke's current favourite movie. Joe Bob says: check it out.