Moen still topping the referrer charts

I've often thought, if I was going to take advertising on this blog, one of the obvious companies I'd accept an ad from would have to be Moen. But then, I probably send them enough traffic and business anyway without even having a sidebar clickthrough widget.

About four years ago, I wrote a lengthy piece about the pleasures of dealing with Moen's customer service staff when the handles on our two shower fittings both broke within a week of each other. The full piece is back here, if you're interested.

Whenever I check my site traffic stats, I'm always tickled to see how many people reach this blog through searches for strings like "moen shower tap" or "fixing moen faucet". Then just last week I had a nice comment on the blog and an email from a chap who, like me, had been having trouble repairing his shower handle. He was able to solve his problem after reading my original post and following the same fairly obvious step I eventually took (actually calling the manufacturer - doh!).

Spreading the Moen love even further, I've just posted a slightly revised version of my tale of customer service delight to the new Sutori beta - a collaborative site where people can voice their opinions of the service received from their most or least favourite companies. I hope the Moen guys get even more business from this - they deserve it.

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