Lightspeed Champion

In addition to terrific videos like the one below, one of the other things that brought me into MySpace recently was finding out that my wonderful nephew Tom is with a new band, currently gigging and cutting demos in London.

Tom, and the rest of the family - my oldest brother Eamonn, wife Susan, and daughter Jenny - visited us for a few days last week. Had a great time hanging out, taking in a Blue Jays game, and just generally enjoying the good company of family.

Tom's a huge music fan, with a broad and eclectic taste - much like the rest of us in the family. Finding out that he's playing cello in an indie band was a hoot. Of course, like a dutiful uncle, I my polite comments about the few snatches demo tracks Tom played me while he was here.

Now I'm way past duty though - I'm kicking myself that I didn't get to hear more. I've had a proper chance to listen to the scant few tracks up on their MySpace page, and although these are only hints of what Lightspeed Champion can do, they're bloody brilliant! I've been digging around online, turning up a few other snippets elsewhere. Check out "Tell Me What It's Worth" (on last.fm) or the rough, ragged, but right demo of "Dry Lips" on the MySpace page.

Devonte Hynez, the frontman of the band, was previously one of the driving forces behind UK indie darlings Test Icicles, who got to do all sorts of real rockstar stuff like release Top 40 records, play Reading Festival, and get raved about in the NME. Will Lightspeed Champion be next?