Just in time for Wikimania

Alright, so I'm probably one of the four people on the Net who hadn't yet seen this, but it's just so utterly perfect I still couldn't resist pointing to it.

With the big Wikimania conference coming up this weekend in Boston, Stephen Colbert briliantly satirizes the Verifiable Truth camp's concerns about all things Wikipedia. His take on "wikiality" is now pretty much guaranteed to feed the buzz at and around the event. Superb.

The show's writers have just been on fire lately. Colbert's earlier piece deriding the U.S. morning "news" shows for laying into his program was an absolute triumph.

Meanwhile, I'm quietly lamenting the fact that I won't be in Boston for the Wikimania gig. They have a terrific schedule of speakers lined up. Would be great to be there just to hear my friend David Weinberger's speech on What's Happening to Knowledge (to which the obvious answer, of course, is "er... I don't know"). Ah well.