Blogger comments suck balls

I use the freebie, third-party Haloscan plug-in for comments on this blog. Always have done. It's simple, easy, and blissfully spam-free. As I don't have a paid account, it purges old comments after a few months. Understandable, but a real pain - I've had some great conversation threads in the comments over the years. Still - you get what you pay for.

When I first moved this blog to its own domain, away from the original home on a Blogspot-hosted page, I left the old blog intact as a kind of deep archive and place to do template tinkering and stuff.

About five months ago, I switched on Blogger's in-built comment system over at the old place, just as an experiment. Five months later, I'm rather glad I didn't choose to switch away from Haloscan for the main blog.

There have been no new posts and precious little traffic to the old site since I last updated the redirection link in November 2005. The comment spammers, however, have been just piling on the love.

The single post over there (simply serving to redirect people to this site) has pulled in 106 comments, all of the "Hey Fellow, you have a great blog here!" scumbag spammer variety.

Ack. Thbbbt!! as Bill the Cat would say.

Cruising through all 106 pointless, link-whoring spam comments, I think my all-time favourite has to be this frequently-occurring little gem:

"The good thing about your blog is, its natural."(sic)

Lovely, thanks. Strange to see four consecutive commenters all posting exactly the same "natural" remark :-)