iSummit 2006 Toronto

I'm parked at the first day of the iSummit conference here at the amazing new MaRS facility in downtown Toronto. In fact, I'm sitting on the floor, up against the back wall in a main auditorium packed to overflowing. This place is mobbed.

I can't even see the giant projection screen for the opening keynote's slides, but it doesn't really matter - the speaker is easily engaging enough not to need any kind of Powerpoint support. Alexander Manu, Director, Beal Centre for Strategic Creativity at the Ontario College of Art & Design is holding forth on imagination, the power of play, the interfaces of the future, and all kinds of wonderful stuff.

He's a terrific, entertaining, whip-smart presenter. Even with my butt parked on the industrial grey carpet at the back of the crowd, he's still having an impact.

Wifi in the room is painfully patchy, alas. I'm going to have to go out into the atrium to find a signal and post this. More reports as and when I can...