Day Links for my Web 2.oh panel

This is just a rolling clipboard of my source links for the Web 2.oh panel at iSummit 2006 on Friday morning.

Tim O'Reilly's "What is Web 2.0".

Tim's "compact definition" - the architecture of participation.

Paul Boutin's Slate piece "Just call it the Internet"

Jeffrey Zeldman "Web 3.0"

The NYTimes on "Silicon Valley 2.0"

Newsweek: "The New Wisdom of the Web"

Michael Arrington's TechCrunch

TechCrunch: "Web 2.0 companies I couldn't live without"

The sort of canonical Web 2.0 applications list (not)

Don Marti: "On Web 2.0, application uses you"

The Official Web 2.0 validator

The Panellists:

James Walker's Bryght

Salim Ismail's PubSub

Albert Lai's BubbleShare

Brent Ashley AshleyIT

Pete Mosley PM&A

And here's some of the other sites and services mentioned during the session - I tried to jot down as many of these as I could catch, but we covered a lot of territory - drop me a note in the comments with any ones I've missed:

The Dell Hell Story from Jeff Jarvis' Buzzmachine

Scobleizer - Robert Scoble of Microsoft's blog

Second Life





And someone in the audience called out "Innocentive" or "Innosentive" or something like that. Is it this site or perhaps this ? Not sure...

And, of course, The Cluetrain.