Bubbleshare Gets Better and Better

Awesome new stuff from my mate Albert Lai at Bubbleshare.

Somehow, Mr. 24/7 manages to bounce around the world, having meetings with countless VCs, content companies, big carriers and other potential business partners, yet still has time to respond to email faster than just about anyone I know AND squeeze in lunch with Bill Gates AND ship a boatload of new features.

The latest release of Bubbleshare, out now, has added:

* BubbleCaptions - so you can add speech balloons to shots of your goofy friends.

* The Desktop BubbleBar (in alpha): streams photos to your desktop in real time in addition to the synched online/offline access.

* Improved Community Stuff: (With voting and User Profile Pages)

* AJAXified Slideshow Transitions

* Mobile Access: so you can post to BS directly from your cell phone!

Check out this hilarious photoset for yourself, to get a taste of all the stuff Albert and his team have been cranking out.

Even better, Albert's blowing the thing wide open. They've published an API, everything is RSS enabled, they're supporting Apple iPod PhotoCasts, and let you pull down a whole album worth of photos in one big Zip file.

Full disclosure: I work with Albert from time to time in an advisory capacity. Obviously, I do this because I'm really impressed with what he's doing and think his entire team deserves to become fabulously successful and wealthy. I receive no compensation for my work with Bubbleshare - just good karma.

So yes, I'm biased - but you've got to admit this stuff rocks.