Meme abuse

The splendid David Jones at Thornley Fallis just cruelly sneaked up behind me and bludgeoned me with a soggy meme, the swine.

I have no choice but to respond:

Four Jobs I’ve Had
Janitor in a deli (nasty)
Actor (marvelous, darling – simply marvelous)
Barman in an Indian Restaurant (at 15 years old, 9pm to 1am)
UK Sales Manager (drove a Ford Sierra and all. No mustache though)

Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over
Withnail & I (“We've gone on holiday by mistake”)
The Godfather (“Leave the gun. Take the canoli”)
The Girl in the Café (“Don't think because I'm not saying much that I wouldn't like to say a lot”)
Return of the King (“You fool. No man can kill me.”)

Four TV Shows I Love to Watch
The Daily Show
Don’t really watch much TV…
The Clangers?

Four Places I’ve Been on Vacation

Four Favorite Dishes
Wild Mushroom Risotto
Leona’s amazing Salmon thing with asparagus and ‘sploding tomatoes
Anything on the menu at Adil’s Balti house in Sparkbrook
Eda mame

Four Websites I Visit Daily
Google News

Four Places I’d Rather Be
McDaid’s of Harry Street, Dublin
On a beach with the kids
Pier 39
In the garden

Four bloggers I’m tagging
Chris Locke (who prolly won’t play)
Elke Sisco (who might)
(who’ll think it’s lame. Well… it is.)
Madame Levy (who might sing her response)