I rock. Apparently.

Two smugly self-affirming moments of odd warmth.

1. My poor neglected dusty old Flackster blog was just tagged as a part of a Top 10 list of PR blogs. Thanks Kip! "Elitist-bourgeoisie" though. Um...

2. Noticed a pointer in the referral logs from logophile site WordSpy. Seems that an offhand blog remark I made almost three years ago has been picked up as the earliest citation of the word "chiclet" in the sense of "A small image that links to a syndication file for a web site, particularly a blog".

That seems simply wrong, if you ask me. I feel pretty sure I'm not the first person to have used the word in that context online. Be prepared to put money on it, in fact.

A quick Google for "xml chiclet", for example, brings up a boatload of hits, including this 1999 reference from David Weinberger. Come to think of it, David may be the first person I heard using the word to mean a web-button-thing - but I doubt even he'd claim first use.

What-evah. I'm still just as happy to bask, briefly, in the visceral glow of the thing. A Dr. Johnson moment.

[There's a story attached to that cartoon, btw. More on that later...]