Why isn't there an iPod feature to let me see all the metadata about a specific song while it's playing - or the stats about how much stuff I have from, say, a particular artist, or filed under a certain genre?

I know this info is all there in iTunes - how do I access it on the podule?

Sitting in seat 20F en route to lovely BC for the second time this month, listening to an eclectic playlist made up more or less on a whim - one that leaps from Sarah Harmer to Barry White to the Jam to Gary Jules via Peter Gabriel and Bruce Cockburn.

When The Jam's "I Got By In Time" comes up, I drift off into reverie - remembering the year that first album came out and completely changed my head. I'm trying to remember if it's the Jam's own tune or if they covered some old Holland-Dozier-Holland number, or something. It seems such a perfect piece of fiery 60's pop. But is it a cover, or just Paul Weller's perfect homage to the root of his influences.

I'm pretty sure I'll have the songwriting credit in my iTunes database (like a lot of people with roots in the document/knowledge management market, I'm a bit of a metadata freak). But why can't I just pull it up on my iPod? Or have I just not found that feature yet..?

[LATER: hmmm... checking online from the hotel, can't find any songwriting info. Unfortunately, this laptop isn't the one with my iTunes stuff on it, so the mystery continues.]