Syndicate Conference Day Two

I'm watching the Microsoft guys do their post-lunch Live.com and Gadgets pitch.

One quick, uncharitable thought: given that these guys produce the most widely-used presentation software on the planet, how is it that Microsoft slide shows suck so hard?

And it's not just the PowerPoint content. Get these guys some presentation training, ffs. The appearance of suckage is emphasized and underscored by how dry and uninspiring the demo dude's presentation style is.

Yawn. I'm afraid I'm tuning out the content because the presentation is just so dull. They've just brought up the homepage of Live.com, projected 15 feet high in 1400 x 1050 resolution. Ugly, unreadable, pointless. No one can even read it.

UPDATE: OK, in their defence, the guy who's on now doing the Gadgets demo, is pretty good. And the demo really does rock - you still can't actually see it, but it sounds really cool.