Structured Blogging Initiative

This could be very interesting indeed. Very.

I need to noodle on it a little and figure out what I really think about the promise of the Structured Blogging Initiative, but the power and potential of this seems terrific.

As an aside, I really like the way they're handling this announcement. Marc Canter gave a quick overview of the initiative, Salim Ismail spoke briefly about the business case for such a thing - and now they're going through the audience with a radio mike, having a whole bunch of different fans and fellow travellers "represent".

There's a grassroots evangelical feel to the whole thing, and it's just really cool to hear so many ideas about how different companies will use and benefit from this initiative. It's also great to be able to make an announcement like this and have a bunch of companies and individuals already willing to stand up and offer testimonials to support your idea, right on the day of your announcement.