Oh please, do not die...

In conversation with friends over the last couple of days down in SF, we realised that Pandora's ad-supported free version may be doomed.

This would utterly suck - I've come to depend on Pandora to supply my daily soundtrack, whether I'm working or blogging. If you still haven't tried it yet - I urge you to go there right now and give it a spin.

Think about it for a second, though. Pandora is a music-discovery service that creates a custom radio station for you, tailored to your individual taste, based on research originally done as part of the Music Genome Project.

The truly brilliant part is that it requires, in my experience, only the tiniest amount of training. Give it one song that you really like, and it'll fill your ears for hours with an ever-changing selection of terrific music.

Both the research and the technology behind this are impressive. And the best part? It's completely free.

Free, but doomed.

See - it's a music service. It's the perfect music service to have running in the background while you're doing something else (like blogging, for example). They even have a neat, unobtrusive mini-player you can use.

The point is - it's running in the background. The ads that are supposed to be supporting the free version are ads you're never going to see in normal use. Why would anyone pay for advertising that no one's going to see?

This is probably a bloody good reason to go and buy a $36 subscription for the thing right now, unless someone can let me know what I'm missing. I certainly don't want to see it die...