Hey Google! Wake up already!

When the heck are you guys going to give Blogger some damn love over here?

You used to be the guys who got it, ffs. You bought Pyra Labs, back when those other big guys were still figuring out how to spell blog. So when are you going to FIX IT?

And I don't mean adding in a bunch of kludgy Moveable Type tweakiness - that stuff's too geeky-trickery for its own good. Please, don't think you need to go down that path. They may got a lot of higher-end business, but let me tell you: I've used that stuff. A lot. It's hard.

No. I don't think we want you going that far. But how about a decent editor, for a start. With a fast spellchecker (one that understands the word "blog", for example). And how about a few more formatting tools?

Or no - how about just this: one that auto-saves, dammit.

Now where oh where could you ever find one of those...?

Oh yeah - in Gmail. Wonder who owns that...? Maybe they'd let you borrow some of their code.

Don't make me come down there.