Catching Up

Lots of catching up to do.

I should post some further reports from this week's Canadian Institute conference, and I haven't even mentioned the evening event I had a lot of fun chairing for the Canadian Public Relations Society the previous week, with Mark Evans, Jack Kapica, Rick Segal, John Oxley, and Geoffrey Rockwell.

And then there's Jeneane's new gig - working with my super-talented buddy Albert Lai and his friends at Bubbleshare. Yay! Bubbleshare rocks. Hands down, the easiest way to share photos and your own mini-voiceovers about them. I've already been using it to let family back in the UK and Ireland catch up with shots of the kids. No registration, no fee, and so simple to use.

Oh, and I need to blog about Charlie's soccer team. I only just finished jumping with joy a few weeks ago when he was picked for the school team. As if that wasn't thrilling enough, they just won their first tournament! The Toronto Catholic Schools Athletic Association Primary Soccer tournament. Way to go Charlie!

Looooots of catching up to do. Not too much time. New job very busy - all good, but very busy.

More on the CI conference soon. At this rate, I'll probably still be blogging my notes on this week's conference while I'm in San Francisco for Syndicate next week. Sheesh.