Random Musical Heaven

Damn! but Pandora is one fine service. I know there's been a lot of raving and drooling about this already, but had to add my two cents here. It's just so freakin' groovy.

This morning I plugged in "Kirsty MacColl" and asked it to create a "radio station" of stuff in similar vein for me. Apart from one off track, so far it's been streaming a drop-dead terrific selection of music - old friends and stuff from people I've never heard of, mixed in with the odd Kirsty track here and there.

I'm in new-instant-favourite-music discovery heaven.

Just now it played "Starstruck" by The Auteurs, which I remember hearing only once on John Peel just before drifting off to sleep many years ago. I loved it at the time, but then almost immediately forgot all about it as my snoozes deepened.

Awesome way to discover (and rediscover) music you love. And it's FREE.

The class thing about this is that, as a business model, it just plain simple bloody well works.

As I've been sitting here pounding away at stuff today, with Pandora offering up a steady supply of new treats in the background -- three times I've clicked on the "buy this song at Amazon" links.

OK, so we're stone cold broke - so I didn't actually buy anything. But if we weren't teetering on the poverty line, I certainly would have. And I will - those three links have made it onto my wish list.

This is my new path to wanton consumer gratification right here.

I <3 Pandora - thank you for opening your box.