Free Show

Autumn in Canada takes my breath away.

All my life this has been my favourite time of the year; yet I don't think I'd ever really seen the autumn until we moved to Toronto. Perhaps it's our knowledge of the bitter pale months of monochrome misery ahead that makes the outrageous colour fanfare of a Canadian Fall even more welcome.

We're blessed to live at the top end of Toronto's Glen Stewart ravine and enjoy watching the changes from one week to the next throughout the year.

This last weekend gave us one of those utterly perfect crisp, fresh November days. The photos tell more about the walk we had than my words ever could. Clicking on the shot of Charlie, below, will take you to the full Flickr set.

Uploading these few snaps reminded me of how badly I need a Flickr Pro account. Of course, that's just one more thing to be added to the long, long list of "badly needed" non-necessities that will have to wait until I'm fully re-installed again. Now entering our seventh month of somehow managing to keep body and soul together (and five souls fed and clothed) without regular income. An interesting experience, for sure; not one I'd recommend.

But at least a walk in the woods is always free.