Attack of the Bollogs

Now that just about everyone in the blogosphere has taken a run at coating Forbes magazine and writer Dan Lyons in rotten tomatoes, and the noise has started to quieten down a tiny bit, along comes Michael Malone, former editor-at-large of the once-great Forbes ASAP technology supplement.

Michael's response
to Dan Lyons' now infamous "Attack of the Blogs" piece ("They destroy brands and wreck lives. Is there any way to fight back?") is entertaining and balanced.

Key quote:

"I used to run Forbes' technology magazine, Forbes ASAP, which was based in Silicon Valley. ASAP was probably the largest circulation technology-business magazine in the world. I like to think it was because of the good writing and editing, but the truth is that we were respected then (and remembered now) because we understood technology, and we got the big stuff right.

By comparison, when it comes to technology, the mother ship, Forbes magazine, NEVER, EVER gets the big stuff right. It is, in fact, one of the best technology counter-indicators I know. If you want to learn about mutual funds or the annual incomes of dead celebrities, Forbes is the place to go. But when it comes to tech, read Fortune (or, if you can stay awake, Business Week) because if Forbes says something ain't so, by God it certainly is."

Bonus link: Kurt Opsahl's superb parody "Attack of the Printing Press!" over at The Electronic Frontier Foundation's blog.