News photo poetry

Lots of coverage in Canada's main newspapers in the last couple of days of the big meetings between Ford Motor Company and the Canadian Auto Workers union.

The business sections have been running some great photos of legendary CAW chief hardass Buzz Hargrove and his team doing the obligatory grip 'n' grin with various Ford bigwigs.

Tobin Grimshaw's CP shot running on A1 of this morning's Globe & Mail nails it - this is pure poetry in the form of a business news photo:

The headline: "Arming for battle" is perfect too.

It might be hard to see from this tiny image, but the shot shows a group of CAW negotiators reaching across the table to press the flesh with the representatives of Ford Motor Company's HR and labour relations team.

But you don't even need that detail to work out which side is which here. The close crop image of uniform black suits versus bare, muscular forearms says it all.