The British National Party, according to this BBC news report, has put out an election leaflet featuring an image of the bombed London bus with the headline: "Maybe now its time to start listening to the BNP."

The BNP, for those outside the UK, is the ultra-right racist political party that grew out of the former National Front - a motley assortment of xenophobes, jingoists, Mosley-ites, skinheads and white supremacists.

BNP leader Nick Griffin, in an interview on BBC Radio 4, commented: "It is obviously a very graphic, horrific image which really sums up the cost of voting Labour. Obviously Islamic terrorists carried out the attacks, but it is the Labour Party's fault they did it."

The Daily Star newspaper, one of the UK's famously direct red-topped tabloids, carried a stark, one-word banner headline the day after the bombing. I'm borrowing it as the head for this post.