Strangest. Comment Spam. Ever.

In a comment on my "Flack Back" post, below, there's a really bizarre, seemingly random string of geekspeak - looks like it might be the work of a particularly inept Markov Babbler.

Most odd.

The only clue to the origins of this incoherent and apparently pointless spam is in the author's homepage link, which goes to a site listing links to US real estate sites, here: http://precast.com.pl/sell-my-house--house-new-sell-york/ (I'm not direct linking - why send them any traffic?)

The root of this site http://precast.com.pl/ has even more babble. Here's a representative sample:

"...nothing persistence per Burek , individual Christian hire the ,a Company information. w years ,Where's Charles Podobne what pole ,accessed Intra-Americas ocean. an Do ,MP3 of pay of countries, ,this two third visit Hemingway..."

Is this the work of some SEO gonk?