Another Family 15 Minutes

My brother Kieron has the worst imaginable job in the entire universe. He's Senior Test Lead with VMC Game Labs in the UK, testing Xbox games for a living.

In this long and very informative article at the Team Xbox site, he gets to explain why the job is not nearly as much fun as it might sound. Except that it kind of is.

Things have been really starting to tick upwards in Kieron's life of late. This is very, very good news. He's an absolutely fantastic bloke, who I'd love even if he wasn't already my brother, and he's lived through a pretty long period of miserable nastiness in the last year or so. Nice to see his star in the ascendant again. Yay Kieron!

The Team Xbox site does the smart thing with interviews and encourages open reader comments at the end of the piece. One cool thing about this is that Kieron gets to leap in and respond to some of the commenters. Very blog-like.

Not so good news for Kieron is the fact that the article also outs him as the gamer known as "SquidBot"on Xbox Live. Brace for the frag fest next time you sign in, Kieron :-)