I'm a tad late getting into this one, but like just about everyone else out there I'm really enjoying The Huffington Post (aka Live Nude Arianna, or The Blogesse Dorée).

Ms. Huffington (who she?) has enticed an extraordinary collection of luminaries, loonies, legends and loveys to contribute to her splendid blog-based enterprise (Walter Cronkite, Greg Gutfeld, Ellen DeGeneres, John Cusack, Irshad Manji, and many others).

Very smart stuff. It's a little like Corante, but with valet parking.

One thing I really like about the set up of the site is the range of RSS choices they offer - the site editors have made it braindead easy to have your feedreader pull down the entire site, just the headlines, featured posts, or just the news-y sections. Nicely done.