Announcing Flackster

Those fine blokes at Corante have invited me to set up a new weblog as part of their stable of "Industry Insiders". As both a PR guy and a blogger, they thought I might have something interesting to say about how weblogs are blurring the lines of influence that formerly separated mainstream news from individual views...

After months of intense study and probing research into this complex area, I've arrived at a single, absolutely clear conclusion: the most important difference between blogs and old school media is that blogs make for lousy fishwrap. (The paper in most laser printers just doesn't have that pulpy, newsprint absorbency so essential for vinegar retention).

Having achieved this startling epiphany, I'm not quite sure what else I have left to blog about at Flackster; so if you have any good ideas, let me know.

I guess it might help you to have some idea of the “official” mission statement. Here it is:

Flackster explores, through the voices of PR professionals, journalists, cultural commentators and others, how the rapid rise of social media and participatory journalism is impacting both the business of news reporting and the role of public relations.

Sounds almost interesting, doesn’t it?

Continue reading, here.

Discussing the launch by email with Marc Canter, he wanted to know if this meant I'd be wearing a virtual strapless black evening gown. As a long-time fluffy PR bunny, I'm pleased to be able to reassure Mr. Canter that there is nothing virtual about my little strapless number.