The string is red... what colour are the chump hooks?

Target, the gimungous US retailer (often rumoured to have Canada's Zellers in its sights), has added what just has to be one of the strangest, hokiest new fashion accessories to it's store catalogue - Kabbalah Red String, suitable for making your own Madonna/Paris Hilton-stylee bracelets (original pointer courtesy of Gawker, btw).

For the bargain price of US$25.99 (plus tax and shipping, natch), you too can knot a piece of red thread around your wrist to ward off the "evil eye".

Oh, but not just any old red thread, of course. No, no - a special bit of string that has "...traveled to Israel, to the ancient tomb of Rachel the Matriarch, and returned, imbued with the essence of protection."

Yes - the same Kabbalah Red String we can all freely refer to by name, without fear of trademark infringement, thanks to those fearless heretics at the US Patent & Trademark Office.

If you don't quite trust Target, you could always order your "official" string (only a penny more) from kaballah.com.

Or ship your knotty twine straight from the source, for as little as $9.99,

Or even pick one up for as little as two bucks on eBay.

What the heck - if you really want to do this right, get yerself down to your local knitting shop. You can pick up a whole damn armful of string for about six bucks. Forget "evil eye", singular. This shit's gotta be good enough to ward off an entire Republican convention.

And any colour you want - never mind slavishly following the fashion tyranny of Esther.

Taupe is the new red!! Kaffe Fassett is the new... um... what was I saying...?