Buzz marketing

From the bizarre messages that pop up shortly after you arrive, it looks like this innocent, homely little amateur site - ilovebees.com - has been hacked, or hijacked, or just royally screwed up somehow.

If you're curious enough to dig (or Google) a little deeper, however, it quickly becomes clear that both the site and the hijacking are all part of some elaborate pre-release marketing for the next installment of the X-Box game Halo, from Bungie Studios.

They've even gone so far as to set up a blog, wherein "Dana" (fictional niece of the fictional owner of the ilovebees site) posts about her efforts to fix the damage to the site, dropping more clues to the convoluted treasure hunt as she goes along.

It's a cute touch that they're using a bog-standard Blogger template, and also that it's an ad-supported site on BlogSpot (Blogger's free blog-hosting service) .

Looking at the volume of comments on the blog's first 10 posts, and the way the site is creeping up through the Technorati rankings, these bees are certainly starting to attract a lot of buzz.