More on *that site*

Here's an interesting snippet.  A search at Netcraft on that infamous site discussed below lists a number of other sites in the same netblock, all hosted by "resellermatrix". 

In addition to the racist hosting site, the netblock also includes the infamous Combat 18/White Nationalist Party site Redwatch.net - a "service" dedicated to listing names, photos and home addresses of people the site's owners describe as "the unwashed scum of the Marxian left and their allies".  (As an example, one of the latest updates to the site includes the home address of Billy Bragg).

A quick question for any techie readers - I'm assuming these sites most likely sit on the same physical server. Their respective IP addresses are: and  So is it reasonable to assume that the other sites listed by Netcraft also inhabit the same server space?  There are two innocent-looking sites listed in the same netblock. 

What are the chances they're owned and run by the same people who own ***freehosting.net?  I don't know how this stuff works, I'm afraid. Is this an unfortunate coincidence for the owners of the innocent sites, or are they not as innocent as they appear...?