Fascist whack-a-mole

I guessed this would probably happen.  No sooner does one site disappear than a whole bunch of others pop up in its place.

The persistent owners of niggerfreehosting.com have reappeared through a different anonymized domain registry service and tweaked domain names (.net and .org versions and a new niggerfree.com).

I've just fired off another round of emails to the various abuse@ and support@ addresses.

BTW - a few people have asked the entirely fair question: "why link to them?"  Good point.  Why should I supply them with the oxygen of publicity at all?  I'll borrow Ben Hammersley's answer here:

"Why link to these people? Because they need a light shining on them. It's in darkness and isolation that these thing fester...These things need to be brought out into the open to be debated and debased, not left in the shadows without a dissenting voice. Just ignoring them won't make them go away, but bringing them out into the open might just cause a bit of self-examination."

It's not just a case of "know your enemy" - it's show your enemy.