What price freedom?

[Original rant courtesy of my brother, Gerard]

Britain's Imperial War Museum at Duxford is promoting an "Exclusive offer for Normandy Veterans" at their upcoming D-Day commemoration.

From their website:

"Each veteran and guest would have access to a sumptuous private marquee with seating enclosure on the flight-line close to the Control Tower, access to the flight-line walk, complimentary souvenir programme and private cloakroom facilities within the enclosure."

The catch?  The Museum is "pleased to be able to offer" the special rate of eight pounds sterling for any veterans wanting to attend. That's a discount of three whole pounds (approx. $6 Canadian) off the standard senior citizens rate.

That's right - the very people whose valiant service this anniversary air show is supposed to be commemorating have to pay eight sodding quid to get in.

"The Museum is inviting all D-Day veterans to join them in paying tribute to those that took part in the Normandy campaign by attending the D-Day Anniversary Air Show on Sunday 6 June at a special reduced rate."

Paying to pay tribute to yourselves?

As Gerard says: "If this bothers you, as it does me, please write and ask them to reduce the entrance charge to zero": duxford@iwm.org.uk

In other news: WWII veterans are also being refused access to parts of Normandy this June, due to the security needs of that great and mighty warrior, Governor G.W. Bush, hero of the Texas Air National Guard, staunchly defending his country against all those Viet Cong bombers.

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