War Crimes

"It is not enough, however, to identify the criminal. The United States must be isolated and rendered incapable of further crimes. I hope that America's remaining allies will be forced to desert the alliances which bind them together. I hope that the American people will repudiate resolutely the abject course on which their rulers have embarked. Finally, I hope that the peoples of the Third World will take heart from the example of the Vietnamese and join further in dismantling the American empire. It is the attempt to create empires that produces war crimes because, as the Nazis also reminded us, empires are founded on a self-righteous and deep-rooted belief in racial superiority and God-given mission. Once one believes colonial peoples to be untermenschen - 'gooks' is the American term - one has destroyed the basis of all civilized codes of conduct."

Bertrand Russell, founder and honorary president of the International War Crimes Tribunal, 1968.

The Globe & Mail this morning characterizes the "firestorm of congressional outrage" engulfing Bush as something that threatens to become a "serious domestic political problem".  This massively understates the magnitude of the issue.

The Commander in Chief of the U.S. forces should be held fully accountable in the investigations underway - if the evidence is in truth as clear as it appears to be, he should be tried as a war criminal.