Two small thoughts

Thought the first:

On the ride home this evening, reading Lynn Truss's lovely "Eats, Shoots & Leaves", the thought struck me that I should write a brace of romantic novels.

The first would be standard fare, ending with the happily requited lovers gazing into the sunset: diminuendo into a final loaded ellipsis, freighted with suggestive nudge-nudgery.

The sequel, of course, would be titled "..."

Thought the second:

Helping Charlie with his science project tonight, he wondered why pipe cleaners are called pipe cleaners. This led to a discussion in which we tried to come up with other examples of things still in everyday use whose names refer back to functions long since rendered obsolete.

I feel sure there's a big category of objects here, but both the boy and I were having a "hard-of-thinking" night and failed to come up with a single related example.

There. Told you they were small thoughts.