Time for a pearoast

Searching for something in the archives (a brutally difficult exercise - on which point, more later), I turned up this post from a little over a year ago. Just as true this year as it was back then, so I thought I'd dust it off and re-post (slightly edited) just for my own amusement...


I've completely missed the fact, once again, that last March 1st was my blogiversary.

Of course, not one of you miserable sodders sent me any kind of a "Happy Blogday" message or anything either.

And yet I find myself strangely unmoved by this...

Taking the glass-half-full POV, I'm choosing to see this non-event for what it really is: an epoch-defining moment of mass Collaborative IndifferenceTM on a scale not seen before.

Never in the field of human conflict was so little cared about not much by so many.

Indeed, I think we can safely say that this was the first time in the brief history of the weblog phenomenon that the entire Blogosphere was absolutely united in not giving a rat's ass about a nodal point in this shared narrative being woven by us all.

So utterly unanimous was our apathy in this respect that, in truth, even I failed to give a stuff about the passing of what might conceivably be considered a quite extraordinarily insignificant anniversary.

If only we could harness this awesome power and put it to good use! Imagine the effect of such grand scale Collaborative Indifference directed towards the situation in Iraq, for example.

If the massed might of the American military machine could only be infected with this entirely healthy attitude of impassive lack of interest. John Abizaid could yell until he was blue in the face - not one of those U.S. squaddies would be bothered to crawl out of their bunks and head into town to kick up trouble.

I think I'm onto something here. Off to see my IP lawyer this afternoon (well, if Jeff can patent e-mail discussion groups, surely there's room for a patent on "who gives a crap"?).