Wild week

Lots of blog catch up to do - both reading and writing. 

Just getting back into the swing of it after a wonderful week of birthday treats layered on top of more birthday treats. Fantastic dinner the night of my birthday at home, then Sausage whisked me away on a secret trip to the phenomenal Langdon Hall - two days of sheer hedonism.  Got back to town last Friday afternoon, just in time to head out again for a great night surrounded by fine friends, swimming in rivers of Guinness.

Tons to write, no time to do it. 

Just popping in to post Charlie's latest story - cross-posted below, and at his own blog.

This was presented to me in the stack of birthday presents last Monday - beautifully framed for hanging on my office wall. (Yes - that's my reflection you can see in the glass of the picture frame.  Was tempted to retake the shot, but what the heck...)

Thanks Charlie, I love you.  And thanks everyone for the best birthday ever.