Nothing to see here

Still little time or will to blog, but there's a new update over at Dad's place.

As this thing grows, I'm going to have to figure out how to do chapter headings, so the updates are easier to point to. At the moment it's all just one great long post with new bits tacked on at the end each time. I'd like to be able to add each new chunk as a seperate chapter, with a little navbar somewhere in the left margin - but not have it do the reverse default chronological thing that Blogger wants to do. If anyone knows how I can tweak this easily, I'd be very grateful for the help.

I've also had requests for a guest book/commenting feature, which I'll try to hook in once I get the chance.

Finally, I've got some family photos to add to the project too at some point. All this, and more, to come - what started as a late night discussion over the 4th or 5th bottle of wine has taken on a life of its own and looks like it could grow into quite the family archive...

Meanwhile, I'm also overdue a quick pointer to the latest blogeny to be spawned by this place - my cousin Adam Maguire, back home in Dublin, has started blogging over here. Excellent stuff. Adam's way too freaking smart to be only 19. Where the heck did all these brilliant cousins come from all of a sudden? I remember them when they were still curled up in their bunk beds reading the bloody Rupert Annual - now they're bright, entertaining bloggers. I must be getting old...